BFSS 2016 Impact Analysis Report

In 2015 we produced our first report on the impact of BFSS grants. Once again we are indebted to Professor Joy Palmer Cooper for very kindly donating her time and expertise to reviewing grants awarded in 2016 under the same framework.

The 2016 Impact of BFSS Grants is based on an analysis of 27 final reports, in receipt of £451,153 of grant funding from BFSS. The report shows that BFSS funding made an impact on the education and lives of at least 64,859 young people. The report shows how and were those impacts occurred, and also looks at some of the lessons that were learned in the process.

BFSS 2016 Annual Review of Grant Giving

Please click on this link to see our 2016 Annual Report of Grant Giving


New funding programme for Looked after Children and Young Carers in the UK

BFSS has announced a new funding programme dedicated to improving approaches to the educational attainment of Looked after Children and Young Carers in the UK.

Through our funding and non-financial support we wish to pilot novel approaches to improving the educational attainment of looked after children and young carers which can be scaled up so that in time they are able to take advantage of opportunities afforded by tertiary education and employment.

For more information about the programme, how to apply and how to get further advice, please visit the Looked after Children and Young Carers page on the BFSS website.