Grants to Charities

BFSS would particularly welcome applications for projects designed to address the need for re-establishing and renewing education in Nepal and other countries where the provision of education (including facilities, resources and teacher training) has suffered from conflict, natural disaster or neglect.

BFSS has also announced a new priority programme to support Looked after Children and Young Carers in the UK. More information can be found here.

The British & Foreign School Society gives grants to charities for educational activities. Grants for education projects are given up to a total of around £700,000 in any one year. Grants are given to organisations with UK charitable status and are for the purpose of advancing educational opportunity in the UK and developing countries. The Society no longer makes grants for individuals.

  • To see the criteria for grant giving please click here
  • To apply online for a grant please click here

Applications from charitable organisations which meet the grant criteria are considered by the Grants Committee, which normally meets three times a year.   The remaining 2017 meetings of the Committee and grant application deadlines are:

  • Meeting to be held in June 2017; closing date for applications Monday 24th April 2017
  • Meeting to be held in October 2017, provisional closing date for applications Monday 14th August 2017

We understand that submitting an application involves a lot of work and effort. We are committed to evaluating all applications thoroughly to do justice to each project. Please see our Grant Giving Charter here so that you can understand our commitment to all Grant Applicants.

Please bear in mind that any funding awarded by the BFSS is normally restricted to the purpose and the activities/items for which it was given.  It follows that applicants need to set out very clearly what they are seeking funding for. Our online application system makes it possible to upload more detailed project proposals. Our Grants Committee will also want to be clear about plans for evaluation before awarding grant.  Grant recipients will be required to submit reports that cover outputs (e.g. number of teachers trained); outcomes (particularly improvements in standards of attainment); lessons learned both positive and negative; future activities;  financial report; and sustainability. Please click here for our Report Form and guidance note.

Case studies of a number of grants given in 2015 were published in BFSS Annual Review of Grant Giving 2015. For earlier Grants Brochures please see:

or go to the Publications page on this website.

We support charitable organisations that reach out to children and young people in remote or impoverished areas to extend access to education and provide much-needed facilities. Examples of countries where we have funded projects are: Afghanistan, Burma, the DRC, Ethiopia, the Gambia, Ghana, India, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan,  Morocco, Nepal, Peru, Sierra Leone,  Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Uganda,  the UK and Zambia.

The Society also offers a small number of grants for organisations and individuals through its Subsidiary Trusts.  Eligibility criteria depend on area of residence and/or particular field of educational activity.

Contact us for further information about our grants for charities.